It has been fantastic but it is time to do new things!

Posted on May 26, 2015 in News

CAST architecture was established in 2006 by Emmett Scanlon and Sarah Cremin. Over the last nine years we have practised architecture through building design and construction, policy development, research and educational projects and initiatives, completing a diverse portfolio of work with a variety of public and private clients.

Having completed this substantial body of work together and achieved what was originally intended with CAST, we have decided to end our collaboration and close the practice. We now wish to focus on particular and individual strands of work in architecture. We look forward to this new phase with excitement and enthusiasm, taking with us a rich collection of experiences and memories gathered through our work.

We would like to thank the clients and commissioners of CAST architecture, our colleagues, collaborators and those who have worked in the office, all of whom have made such a palpable contribution to our work. We thank our families and friends for their continued and valued support.

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