A pragmatic requirement to make more space, stop old windows leaking and make safe storage for bins was built into something practical but altogether more pleasurable than expected. A bay window offers new light and views to the living room and becomes a home for a book collection. A concrete stoop offers a new place to be out the front and a bench allows new enjoyment of the sun. A recessed porch now makes it easier to shelter when opening the door. Architecture as designed and built, has been employed to solve everyday needs but also makes everyday life easier, unexpected and more enjoyable for both those living in the house and passing by this new neighbour, standing out the front.

“And then it was done, and it is amazing. The living room is so bright and spacious. The strange thing is the space is not about feet and inches; it’s about how open the room feels and the fact that we can see the walls! We still have bookshelves and books but they are part of the room now, not just crammed in. The window in the living room is, in our mind, the centre of the room. The stoop in front of the house is a great spot to hang out in, with its raised height and the bench, which sits in the sunniest spot right beside the front door. We got everything we wanted, including the things we did not know we wanted!” [Clients comments from 2011 RIAI Awards]

Location: Homelawn Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24
Year: 2011
Stage: 1-4
Size: 25 m2
Team: CAST Architecture, O’Connor Design