A mews house, built on Waterloo Lane in the 1990s has been reworked and refurbished. The house pivots around a narrow double height hall, which connects the ground floor kitchen and dining room to a tall first floor drawing room overlooking the lane. Our approach was to rework the rooms around this hall at ground floor level, allowing the interior of the house to breathe. This results in the hallway becoming a living space and opens it up to long views to the sunny courtyard garden. We also removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room and replaced this with a light sliding oak screen to connect these rooms, which now both open directly to the garden.

Our client was moving from another house, replete with possessions and memories. A careful survey of the contents of this existing house and a cross-referencing with the placement of these in the new house throughout the design process enabled the client to imagine a life in this house. We exploited the bright and sunny aspect of the house with a light, fresh colour palette. A collection of bespoke oak furniture was also carefully designed by CAST architecture and sits alongside the colourful collection of objects which now inhabit each room.

Location: Waterloo Lane, Dublin 4
Year: 2012
Stage: 1-4
Size: 200 m2
Team: CAST Architecture