Are you planning to carry out renovation, construction or extension work? Then an architect can be a valuable ally! But what kind of support can he bring you? In which cases is his intervention mandatory?

By calling on the services of an architect, you will get a tailor-made project.

An architect is most often consulted when seeking advice for the realization of his work. Thanks to his expertise, the architect will be able to verify the feasibility of the project and estimate the costs related to it. The legislation of works being particularly strict in France, the architect will also make sure that your project meets the technical and legal constraints in force. Another undeniable advantage: obtaining a tailor-made project. The architect will design a personalized project taking into account your needs and tastes. He will be able to offer you several technical and aesthetic solutions in accordance with your wishes.

For your construction, you save time and money!

Moreover, know that the intervention of an architect can save you precious time. First of all, because he knows how companies work and what they are capable of doing. Then, because he will take care himself of finding them, follow the progress of the work, and make sure that deadlines are respected. Also note that the architect will be able to accompany you in your steps related to obtaining a building permit. Finally, the architect can save you money! Contrary to popular belief, going through an architect does not cost as much as you might think. In fact, a complete mission as an architect will cost you on average around 10 to 12% of the overall project budget. A sum to be put into perspective if we take into account the savings that he can make you realize. The architect will have at heart to control the expected costs, in particular by negotiating the cost of services and materials with the various parties involved. He will also make sure to design an energy-efficient project.

In some cases, the presence of an architect is required by law.

Generally speaking, the use of an architect is indispensable for work requiring a building permit. In particular, it is required to involve an architect for all construction or modification work on a building with a floor area exceeding 150 m², or in the case of an extension with a floor area exceeding 150 m². Article 4 of the law of January 3, 1977 relating to architecture nevertheless provides for some exceptions. Thus, it is not obligatory to call upon the services of an architect if a private individual wishes, for his personal use, to build or modify a building whose floor surface area does not exceed 150 m². Similarly, the intervention of an architect is not necessary for work subject to the building permit that is limited to the layout and equipment of interior spaces.

If you have never used an architect before, this first appointment can be a little stressful for you. To relax and not forget anything, list the questions you would like to ask him/her beforehand. And don’t forget to bring the plans of your property or your land, cadastral references, photos of projects that inspire you, etc. In short, bring everything that can help the professional determine your desires.


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